1 to 3 antennas compact and portable jammers

Small car blocker charging the cigarette lighter GPS Jammer

Hand-held GPS jammers are specially designed based on satellite positioning (cars, mobile phone positions, Google network positioning, etc.) to bring security to certain confidential units and individuals.

$79.89 $119.88

Automatic GPS series signal jammer is third-generation green GPS signal jammer

The green GPS signal jammer of the third generation of the car GPS series with two antennas only shields the signal received by the GPS terminal on site without affecting or disrupting the communication and transmission of other electronic devices in the region.

$89.58 $156.36

New 2 Band Cigarette Lighter GPS Jammer For Car

2-band GPS jammer, which can interfere with ordinary civilian global satellite signals L1 and L2 at one time. It is small and hidden. It can be powered by a cigarette lighter. It is often used in cars. The maximum interference radius is 10 meters (depending on the signal in a given area.) strength).

$69.99 $99.88

3 band portable GSM UMTS 3G GPS cell phone blocker

This product adopts the design of very convenient and portable, the outer type is very small, convenient to carry. It can be easily put into a coat pocket or a small backpack.

$69.99 $129.29

1 Band Vehicular GPS Positioning Jamming Device

This device uses a single output that can cover all positioning terminals and other GPS signals within a range of 2 to 50 meters (depending on the strength of the satellite signal), so all GPS positioning terminals within the shielded area are fully connected to the outside world.

$79.69 $138.53

Handheld 3 Bands 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G Bluetooth WIFI Signal Jammer

The latest unique high power handheld Bluetooth WiFi jammer with 6 watts jamming up to 40 meters, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 2.4G 5.2G 5.8G Signal, Light weight portable, Built-in Battery continue working 3.0Hour, Battery capacity LCD display.

$539.99 $788.99

New 2.4GHz 5.1GHz 5.8GHz 3-channel portable aircraft jammer

This is a drone jammer designed for portability. Small and light, it is ideal for managing illegal drones. Is the first choice of the city security management department, but also to protect their privacy and security good helper.

$839.88 $1478.58

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