Portable Jammers Are More Convenient To Hold

A portable jammer is a device that emits electronic signals to interfere with the normal operation of wireless communication equipment. These devices are typically used to block the transmission of wireless signals in certain areas, such as in confidential meetings, government agencies, or secure areas.

The working principle of these devices is to emit some interference signals, which are the same or close to the frequency used by wireless communication devices, so that the devices cannot operate normally. Such devices can be used to prevent others from listening to or tracking the signals of wireless communication devices, but can also affect the communication devices of other people around them.

Hot sale portable handheld 4G cellphone jammer 8 antennas portable jammer

The most popular portable mobile phone interceptor-it can not only intercept PCS DCS UMTS 4G LTE wifi wifi GPS signal, but also can intercept all mobile phone signals with a range of 30m. This is indeed your best choice.

$219.99 $580.58

10-channel mobile phone signal blocker

The 10-channel mobile phone signal blocker is a green and environmentally friendly mobile phone signal blocker, which only blocks the reception of the mobile phone on site and has no impact on the surrounding base stations. This machine adopts 10 channels of output, which can shield all kinds of mobile phone signals in the range of 1-4 meters (depending on the signal strength of the base station) in domestic and foreign mobile phones; contact was completely cut off.

$389.99 $699.99

New 10 Antenna Cell Phone WiFi Jammer

The hand-held signal jammer is a high-tech product that our factory adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, according to the continuous development of communication standards, according to the actual situation of wireless communication at home and abroad; it can effectively screen (CDMA/GSM/DCS/2G/3G) /4G/5G/WIFI) and other wireless signals, and have no negative impact or interference on the communication and transmission of other electronic devices around.

$399.99 $619.99

Portable cell phone jammer for LTE/4G/GPS with 6 powerful antennas

Portable jammers for cell phones 6 antennas, signal blockers for cellular networks VHF / WiFi / GPS / UMTS / LTE4G / CDMA Portable cell phone blockers, range 30m, efficient cooling saves energy.
Blocking frequencies optional: GPS / GSM / UMTS / LTE4G / UHF / WIFI

$299.99 $429.12

5-band portable GPS jammer with GSM 3G 4G WIFI signal jammer

The portable GSM jammer is particularly powerful and effectively prevents all GPS frequencies (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5) as well as GSM / UMTS / WiFi signals. The device has a range of up to 20m. Imported chip, handheld device, and any change between the different frequencies enables easy operation of the device.

$288.99 $419.28

Portable jammer GSM 3G WIFI GPS bluetooth 5 antenna video signal blocker

This portable Bluetooth WiFi GSM 3G mobile phone jammer is cheap, and the maximum interference range is 20 meters (depending on the signal strength). If you want a portable multi-function WiFi jammer, this is your best choice.

$209.88 $398.16

Portable integrated interceptor GSM 3G LTE4G WiFi GPS signal jammer

A portable powerful jammer has a wide range of frequencies including CDMA / GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G LTE, WiMAX 4G, WiFi, it is the best portable cell phone signal jammer in the world.

$408.69 $669.39

GSM UMTS 4G WiFi 2.4G 5.8G GPS Portable Jammer Has good heat dissipation

Stationary 10 band radio frequency energy suppressor is a radio frequency interference generator that completely eliminates the operation of all wireless internet mobile LTE 4G, 3G and 4G, WIFI2.4G / 5.8G, mobile GSM cellular, LOJACK UHF VHF walkie-talkie 315Mhz 433Mhz 868Mhz navigation and GPSL1 navigation L2 L5.

$650.99 $849.99

Automatic GPS series signal jammer is third-generation green GPS signal jammer

The green GPS signal jammer of the third generation of the car GPS series with two antennas only shields the signal received by the GPS terminal on site without affecting or disrupting the communication and transmission of other electronic devices in the region.

$89.58 $156.36

Portable black 4-wire WIFI GPS GSM jammer cover 20 meters

Hand-held GPS interference and GSM UMTS 3G and 315Mhz 433Mhz 868Mhz or WIFI can be charged in the car, and use one of the most stable versions on the market when charging, which can work continuously for 24 hours!

$168.69 $255.98

Camouflage for LCD screen 3G 4G GPS Lojack portable mobile phone signal jammer

Powerful portable jammer, portable camouflage military jammer CDMA / GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G GPS LOJACK and mobile phone signal, high-performance 6 antenna GPS WiFi VHF UHF mobile phone signal jammer.

$396.99 $519.99

The Latest Handheld High Power 4G Mobile Signal Jammer

This mobile high performance handheld signal jammer (2G / 3G / 4G full band) with Wi-Fi / GPS / LOJACK signal, easy to carry, flexible to use and with built-in large capacity battery, can be used in public security, police , Bomb squad, SWAT, military security forces, anti-terrorist units, anti-drug units, border control units, checkpoints, personal use, etc.

$426.69 $699.79

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